Setting up your pull-up banner: a step-by-step guide.


March 1, 2024

If you’re looking for a portable way to market your business or announce your presence, a pull-up banner is a convenient and lightweight tool. They come in two different base types; standard as well as a premium version for added stability.

Setting your banner up is a breeze when you follow these steps:

1. Unpack your banner: Start by taking your banner out of the bag. Exciting times ahead!

2. Retrieve the pole: Inside the retractor, you’ll find the essential pole. Locate it and set it aside for the next steps.

3. Open the feet: Open the feet of the retractor to allow it to stand independently. Position one of your feet on each metal foot for stability.

4. Extend the banner: Grasp the tab, and slowly pull out the banner from the retractor. Now, take the pole and insert it into the top metal strip, aligning it with the arrow indicator.

Raise the banner slowly by guiding the pole. Ensure it’s securely placed in the hole in the base of the stand. When the pole is inserted all the way, it will lock into position.

5. Packing up: After your banner has dazzled the audience, it’s time to pack up.

6. Lowering the banner: To lower the banner, stand on the metal feet, gently lift the pole, and remove it from the base. Gradually lower the banner until you can reach the top.

Remove the pole and carefully lower the banner into the base using both hands evenly. Treat it like a roller blind; releasing it abruptly may damage the banner, or even cause injury.

7. Storage: Fold the pole and place it back inside the retractor for safekeeping.

Important Notes:
• Avoid using the banner outdoors.
• Do not attach any additional items to the material.
• Tadpac Print will not be responsible for any damage caused by incorrect use.

Now you’re all set to showcase your brand with confidence and style using your pull-up banner. Happy marketing!

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