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Are you looking for a job that gives you economic independence, social connection, meaningful employment, and improved confidence?

Employment opportunities

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We’d love for you to join the happy and productive team that keeps our studio moving. It’s called ‘The Bindery’, and that’s where we support you to work on a range of tasks, depending on your skills and interests. You could do anything from sticking labels, folding documents, punching holes, creating badges, and packing showbags, to operating machinery. You could also work with our design team.

Together, we teach you the ropes and build up your skills so you become a valuable member of our Tadpac team. We are proud that some staff use Tadpac as a pathway to open employment, while others appreciate the security and stability and stay with us for their entire working life.

If you have an NDIS plan, or are in the process of applying, please get in touch to discuss eligibility and explore the possibilities.

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“I enjoy working here because the work is great and I like making friends and socialising with everyone.''

"I love working here because it gives me a sense of purpose and interaction with others. We have great fun and a good laugh too."